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bt&e integrates a distinctive approach with social distancing options for our clients. From curbside service to window signing, GPN is adjusting to new protocols to ensure safe closings.


First settlement companies in Maryland to complete full remote online notarization e-closings (RON), allowing everyone to sign the closing package from the safety of their home using a secure collaborative platform that streamlines the entire closing process. For lenders not ready for RON, Maryland has implemented an alternative remote notarization where the documents are “wet-sign” before a notary using communication technology designed for video conferencing. To complete the transaction via communication technology all parties must: *


Agree in writing to complete the transaction via electronic communication technology (including the lender). * Have a camera and microphone connected to their computer * Have the ability to immediately send their signed documents (that require notarization) to GPN via fax, email or courier service.  Signors must return all original documents to GPN before the transaction can technically close or fund.

Title Insurance Calculators

Mortgage calculators help you estimate your payments, look at refinancing, affordability, ARP, rent versus buy and other common mortgage questions.

Fee Schedule

Fees on

Purchase Price

Buyer Closing Fee


Seller Closing Fee

Refinanse base on Loan Amount

Loan Amount - Flat Free

0 - 25,000 ---> $750

250,000 - 500,000 ---> $700

500,000 - 750,000 ---> $650

750,000 - 999,999 ---> $600



Title Search $250 Aprox.

Closing -----------> $400

Doc Prep Fee ---> $100

Wire Fee ---------> $12.50 per 

0 - 25,000 ---> $750

250,000 - 500,000 ---> $700

500,000 - 750,000 ---> $650

750,000 - 999,999 ---> $600

$1 million and up, call for quote


Title Search $170 aprox.

Flat fee includes: settlement fee, docs preparation, wire transfer, title examination, payoff release, Courier fee, POA, and subordination agreements.